Stephen McGhee Executive Leadership Coach

Enjoyed getting to play and hang out with Stephen Mcghee, founder of Stephen Mcghee Leadership, a a coaching consultancy for people who want a holistic, heart centered approach to converting potential into results.

Stephen is the author of several books, including Get Real, Learning to Believe the Unbelievable and the book and documentary  Climb to Freedom.  He, like me, is a Denver native, and attended the University of Santa Monica, which I also attended. His dog Hu is a sweet and gentle soul and good friend of my dog Baxter. 

To learn more about Stephen, contributory leadership methodology, and online coaching programs including the L4, see his website at 

Stephen Mcghee at Home on the Range in Wine Country
Stephen Mcghee at Home at the Ranch by Doug Ellis
Handstand with Tree Assist
Stephen Mcghee by Coach Photographer Doug Ellis
Stephen Mcghee Executive Leadership Coach
Coach Stephen Mcghee Hanging Around at Home
Coach Stephen Mcghee and Dog at Home at the Ranch by Doug Ellis
Coach Stephen Mcghee at Home at the Ranch by Doug Ellis

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