Month: April 2021


One Photographers Prayer

I am committed to helping evolved beings fully express their brand essence. To seeing peace amidst chaos, the extra in the ordinary and love in all beings. This was my attempt to articulate my intention and sense of reverential alertness I bring to all my sessions.


Kathy Kamei Profile for San Francisco Magazine

Had an a really inspiring and high-key time photographing designer/philanthropist/animal and child protector Kathy Kamei for her profile in the current Art Issue of San Francisco magazine. Kathy was nominated as one of the top Dynamic Women of 2020 and I went up to her future animal sanctuary in Santa Ynez to capture some images of her and her beloved horses.


Doctor Headshots Medical Office Headshots & Branding Photos

A fun light-hearted moment with a plastic surgery team in Goleta, CA. A little something I like to call walking in chevron formation.

As an expression of our gratitude for their selfless service, we have been offering discounted business headshot and branding photography packages to medical offices and providers that are involved in the treatment and prevention of Covid-related symptoms.