..seeing you as more than just another pretty face! The privilege of a lifetime is being that which you truly are and following the grain in your own wood. 

I am always sifting for that inarguable, inescapable part of you some call essence. The great news is that signal, that vibrational signature, wants to be seen. Even if you identify as camera shy, together we can evoke your divinity and walk away with something to show for it. This is what elevates photography from visual to healing art. At this point I really can’t help it. I see my role as a creative light worker and vibrational benefactor helping "others" clarify, embody and express their essential nature online and beyond.

My approach is cross-disciplinary, combining fluency in branding/marketing, somatic coaching, energy and positive psychology and photography with an ability to speak and translate "woo woo" to help conscious authors, coaches, healers, teachers and business owners express their Truth in the most elegant and impactful way possible. Mainly I direct my attention toward magnifying and multiplying our basic goodness and revealing our divinity. 

I've done this in roles as diverse as Marketing Director, Webmaster, Journalist, Business Coach, Retreat Leader and Professional Photographer. Nothing makes me happier and more alive than seeing my clients feel fully expressed and get gotten, especially in a context of joy and ease. 

Count on Me For..

your host & Guide

Because the authenticity and texture of your visuals rests heavily on the presence we cultivate together, I have a whole quiver of embodiment, energetic and psycho-spiritual tools we can deploy to help express your best.

I've been blessed to live and work in enriched spiritual and transformational environments, as Esalen's first Marketing Director, Staff Photographer for the Transformational Leadership Council for ten years, and a primary cover photographer for Spirituality & Health magazine, among many other spiritual and self-help immersions and trainings.  My intent is to use what I have learned to fully realize the power of what emerges in our co-created field, and to surprise us with what we find together. My clients rent not only my attention, experience and energy stream but those of all of my ancestors, teachers, guides, helpers, and teachers, and yours as well.

It don't mean crap if it ain't got that snap! --doug

You see..its neither pride, nor gravity but love that pulls us back down to the world. the soul makes a thousand crossings, the heart just one.--John Glenday

"evidence is the loudest voice."--dr. Joe Dispenza

Spiritual + Somatic Psychology Training

Nine Gates + Shambhala Institute Graduate

ALM, CTI + Hoffman Graduate

Masters in Marketing/PR

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Aspen Colorado

New York City
Los Angeles CA
Big Oil, Pharma and Defense
Cause-Driven Binistries
Authors, Coaches Speakers, Healers, Teachers
Thich Nhat Hanh
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
5 Star Reviews

Sylvia F Executive Coach

Doug quickly gets the essence of who you are and he brings that out in his photographs. We have worked together multiple times and I am always amazed. He truly is an exceptional artist.

Paul., Author 

I've had author photos taken by well-known NYC portrait photogs and a really good Hollywood photographer. But Doug Ellis is the best.

Sharon M, Realtor

I've never had so many compliments on my business portrait as I have on the ones Doug took. Comments like, "He really captured your personality" and "Your essence shines through," show Doug is looking for more than just nice shots of you. He's going deeper to bring out who you really are.

illuminating that which is already and always present..BEYOND AMBITION
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